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Nervous System Healing.

Relief. Repair. Replenishment.


Is this you?

One of the great strengths of craniosacral biodynamics is its orientation to health.

There is an understanding in our field that the underlying health of the human system is a principle that is with us from the moment of conception, is never lost and always at work. In this understanding, the potential for healing, and the knowledge of what needs to occur, is already enfolded in the conditions and suffering present.

Franklin Sills

Are you amidst a big life transition and seeking integrative physical and emotional support?

Are you feeling the impacts of stress, emotional overwhelm and agitation? Perhaps you have adrenal fatigue or hormonal imbalance?

Are you noticing the impact of whiplash or traumatic brain injury from a car accident or other physical collision?

Is there a chronic pain or discomfort in your body that is keeping you up at night or impacting your life and relationships?

Are you a well-resourced healing arts practitioner, therapist, or yoga teacher who extends massively to your clients and might need a little extra self-care to recharge your system?

Replenishing Craniosacral Therapy treatments support your body in finding emotional and physical balance. Sleep better. Digest well. Feel more at peace in your body, heart and spirit so that you can show up for your loved ones and your life with more vital energy. Notice the freedom and relief from ongoing pain or physical and emotional contraction.

What Happens in a Session

Your session begins with a verbal conversation bringing presence, body mindfulness, and awareness to what brings you to this healing work at this moment in your life. We will take about 15 minutes to explore what is arising in your life and in your body just now. We will explore your intention and let that shape the uniqueness of the session.

After our initial check-in, you will get on the table fully clothed. I will use light touch on your feet, spine, cranium, and possibly also your pelvis and diaphragm, to support the flow of energy and cranial fluid through your whole body and central and autonomic nervous systems.  At times, the sessions will be deeply quiet. At times, the sessions will involve more verbal consideration relative to the sensations that are arising in your body and feelings that may arise. Your session may be deeply contemplative and nourishing or it may sensitively unravel something stuck in your body or heart that has been longing to be felt.


Your session will end with quiet integration time, a closing check in, and a closing assignment to support your ongoing empowerment and participation in your healing process.


It is ideal to allow for an hour or so after a session for your continued integration: going on a walk, writing in a journal, resting, eating a good meal. Whatever is nourishing! If none of this is possible, that’s okay too :)

Craniosacral Therapist  |  Trauma-Informed | Somatic Coach

Hi, I'm Blythe. 


I love helping you feel empowered and whole in your body so that you can be supported in big life transitions, rest into the depth of your well-being, feel more, find your center with ease, and make great decisions from that place.

There is a potent and integrating power in working with and healing the autonomic nervous system, because the bottom line is this: If our nervous system's are chronically out of balance, so is our body's innate capacity to heal itself.


What happens then? Sleep becomes erratic, agitation becomes easy, overwhelm happens even with seemingly minor events, pain becomes chronic,  isolation becomes more prominent (even if it doesn't look like it), and emotional numbness can become the norm. 

Another bottom line is this: It is completely possible to heal and re-pattern. The body has a profound capacity to heal when we simply create a safe, conscious space for that to occur. And, I love co-creating that space with you.

My training is extensive, both as a practitioner and a somatic educator. Over the last twenty years, I have had thousands of hours of study, practice, and teaching experience. 

Personally, my life is rooted in this consideration. It became clear at a young age that I needed to learn and practice nervous system balance and integration (after being a type-A academic tending toward high stress). At 21, I became a serious student of classical hatha yoga and classical South Indian Temple dance - both of which are ancient whole bodily systems oriented around the lines of light, regeneration, and free energy of the nervous system and brain core. I fell in love with these arts but over time fundamentally hungered for something else, both personally and professionally; this is when the transformational power of Craniosacral Therapy coupled with nervous system healing entered my life. 


When, despite all personal efforts, I went through a serious period of adrenal exhaustion, Craniosacral Therapy with a nervous system healing emphasis supported the body-mind becoming whole again. When I got into a serious whiplash car accident, Craniosacral Therapy undoubtedly quickened the healing process.


My work with you is fully informed by my extensive training and practice, but also by personal life experience. 

Formal Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Teaching Assistant, Verbal Skills for Touch Practitioners (Somatic Approaches to Trauma Healing), 2019

  • Formally Registered as an Advanced Craniosacral Therapist (over 1000 hours of training)

  • Somatic Coaching Certificate with emphasis on principles of Dr.Randolf Stone's Polarity Therapy, 2016

  • Teaching Assistant, 2-year Foundations of Craniosacral Biodynamics Training at the Colorado School of Energy Studies, 2014 - 2016

  • Verbal Skills in Trauma Healing, Anna Chitty (200 hours focused on Somatic Experiencing, Neurobiology, Healthy Attachment)

  • Advanced Training on the Tidal Bodies, Dr. Franklyn Sills, 2015

  • Working with Babies, John Chitty, 2014

  • Embryology, Dr. Jaap Van der Wall, 2014

  • Foundations in Craniosacral Biodynamics, 2011-2013, Colorado School of Energy Studies

  • Formal Sacred Art training in the Balasaraswati lineage of Classical South Indian Temple Dance, 2002-2014, US and Chennai, India

  • Teaching apprenticeship with Dr. Melissa Michaels, 2000-2006; Embodying Life's Cycles and Working with Diverse Communities

  • Women's Yoga Apprenticeship in Classical Hatha Yoga, 2000-2006; Have taught over 1000 classes and guided many women's yoga workshops and retreats worldwide

  • BA, The Colorado College, Sociology and Women's Studies, Magna Cum Laude


How receiving this work supports positive change

Blythe’s healing presence is medicine. She has an intuitive and deeply skilled way of meeting each moment with individuals and groups with compassion, curiosity and grace. As a body-centered psychotherapist, I value the container, the spirit of integrity and attunement Blythe offers in her sessions. She is a practioner who has vast experience of supporting indiviudals from diverse backgrounds and many stages of the life-cycle. Her gentle, kind, and awake spirit are welcoming and comforting. I deeply trust Blythe and refer clients to her for nervous system support, healing physical and emotional trauma, and car accident recovery.  She is gift to all those she serves and supports. Blythe truly radiates love and respect and lives that into her life with devotion on all levels. 

 Jennie Gershater - Lopez, MA, Body-Centered Psychotherapist

I began seeing Blythe during a very difficult life transition.  I cannot think of someone else I would have rather worked with at that time.  Her absolute presence, her safe, non-judgmental approach, her strength and clarity all create a profoundly healing container...all this before you even receive the actual treatment on her table!  Once on her table, I have never felt more held and more seen than by any other healer.  She speaks directly to my body and my body responds in kind.  The results have been poignant. Thank you, Blythe!

Sarah, Non-Profit Director and Lawyer

You are present in a way that is so loving and healing. Thank you.

Krista, Physical Therapist



From the beginning, with the heartful check-in, I felt softening, balancing, and calm energy. You have a quality of creating a nurturing creative space that I feel begins the process of calming the nervous system, and supporting your client to find balance, before the table work even begins.

Arisa, Structural Integration Rolfer

In the past year, I have experienced many cranial sessions with Blythe. Before sessions I would be feeling either emotional pain, mental stress, anxiety, overwhelm, inflammation, or chronic physical pain from a former surgery. After each session, I would feel much more relaxed, lighter in spirit, have more energy, and significantly less pain. In each session, Blythe adapted my treatment to not only what I would share with her regarding what was going on in by body, but also to what she intuited and felt during the treatment. My body loves this. I feel so fully relaxed during a session that I literally fall into a deeply peaceful state. This relaxation stays with me for days, and with this shift, I can feel my body finding it's own health and repair more easefully. 

Jacquelyn, Heart-Attack + Quadruple Bi-pass Survivor

As a frazzled single mom of two teenage girls, I felt highly strung, unable to settle in to myself, and had a hard time getting still or quiet even if I was not moving. Sessions with Blythe helped me realize how over adrenalized I was. I was able to slow down long enough to actually feel the overwhelm mode I was living in. Blythe helped feel my body, my breath, and helped me notice when my system would shift from a stress response to a relaxed state. I left our cranial sessions feeling deep peace, authentic and embodied stillness, and the capacity to actually feel a connection with a healthy inner rhythm. Taking the time to notice these shifts, and having the support to notice these shifts, has supported my life.

         Tara, Fertility Educator, Single mama of two teen girls

I’m a business man in my 70s who lived a high stress life and is very new to receiving any kind of body support. The cranial work with Blythe is the only time in my life that I have been relieved of thinking. I couldn’t believe it, not a single thought. It was a total elimination of the stress of my mind and of the feeling of concern. It was like my mind was drained and I could start fresh. It was ultimate relaxation.  I don’t even know how to explain it. It amazed me.

Bob, Retired Marriot Hotel Executive


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